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The Tale of the Tape After Show with Witch Doctor and HyperShock takes you behind the scenes of the TV Show BattleBots, including Deep Dives with the Builders, Fan Questions, Technical T-Rex, and much more!

Ep 8: Rookies and Legends // Tale of the Tape After Show
Ep 14: The Big Finale! // Tale of the Tape After Show

Ep 14: The Big Finale! // Tale of the Tape After Show

Technical T-Rex merchandise is now available In this final episode of the season, we chat with BattleBots’ 2020 runner-up Matt from Whiplash, and we hear from the newest BattleBots Champion, Nick from End Game (plus a surprise cameo from Tantrum)! BattleBots co-creator Greg Munson gives us a teaser about next season and some rule changes in the works. Chris and Kenny finally call a truce, we create a surprise montage to celebrate the best fans of any sport, and Technical T-Rex learns how to build his first robot! 00:56 30 Second Recap 01:40 Deep Dive with Whiplash 08:21 Deep Dive with End Game 17:18 Deep Dive with Greg Munson 27:24 Chris Roast of the Night 28:00 Technical T-Rex 31:23 "Thing" of the Week 34:54 Fallen Bot Tribute 36:56 Credits and Bloopers 38:40 Rick and Morty Bit Ready to build your own robot, just like Technical T-Rex? Check out our in-depth video lessons for all ages at We recommend starting your first build with a Fingertech Viper Kit (shown in this episode): Want more content like this in the off-season? We just launched our new Patreon page at to allow us to create even more educational content, behind-the-scenes shows, and ramp up our outreach efforts. Our first goal is to provide free Witch Doctor care packages for BattleBots fans in the hospital or battling health issues, like 6 year-old Blake who received the first ever "B Is for BattleBots" book right after his third open heart surgery. Looking for some Team Witch Doctor gear?! Instagram: @witchdrshaman Facebook: #battlebots
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