Andrea Gellatly (Suarez)

Team Captain, Weapon Operator

Andrea first learned about robotics as a high school freshman, which quickly shifted her career goals from artist to engineer. She now has over 15 years of experience in combat robotics, winning a number of national titles. Andrea recently presented at the Kennedy Space Center on designing for damage and redundancy, and has spoken on discussion panels for a variety of audiences. She is also co-founder of MakeMIA Makerspace.


She most recently worked in research and development at Zimmer Biomet, where she has focused on upper extremity trauma for the past 11 years and has been awarded several utility patents. Andrea received her BS and MS in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Miami.



Michael Gellatly

Lead Designer, Driver

Mike grew up aspiring to be an engineer since he was very young.  He has developed a wide range of fabrication skills, such as CNC machining and TIG welding. He has been building combat robots since 2005, winning various national titles in multiple weight classes. In his spare time, he builds and competes across Florida with his drift car.

He is currently developing robotic surgery products, after working in orthopedics for 10 years.  Prior to entering the medical device industry, he developed a 3-wheels vehicle for Scorpion Motorsports. Mike received his MS in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the University of Miami.

Paul Grata

Pyrotechnics Expert, Shaman Lead (RIP Shaman)

Paul began his exploits into engineering during high school, attending the engineering magnet program and participating on the FIRST robotics team at Miami Coral Park SHS. He attended Florida International University, earning a bachelors in mechanical engineering while holding the position of Vice Chairman of the student chapter for ASME over two years. Since graduating Paul has continued to pursue his love of robotics and technology, at various times mentoring FIRST and VEX teams while discovering a passion for the design challenge combat robotics offers and the interconnected nature of mechanical design and marketing.

Be it through the design of medical devices as a profession or the integration of electro-mechanical systems for consumer goods and 3D printing for cosplay uses Paul continues to explore the boundaries of design and manufacturing philosophies. 

Jennifer Villa

Pit Crew

Building combat robots in high school stoked Jen’s love of engineering that had started with LEGO and model rockets. She studied Electrical and Biomedical Engineering and she’s currently developing autonomous vehicles at Cruise.

Christian Chiriboga

Paint, Assembly and Repair

Chiri competed on Battlebots with Team Mohawk, before he realized that he would look great in a suit jacket and top hat! Although he is the lone non-engineer on the team, a decade of robot building and tinkering has allowed him to contribute a different perspective. Can’t let the engineers have all the fun!

Katheryn Sharp


By day she designs circuit cards for jets, by night she works on combat robots - because I guess avionics isn’t exciting enough! Kat is an Electrical Design Engineer specializing in ruggedized fiber optic communications. She started building combat robots in 2011 while she was studying engineering at USF.

Steve Sharp


Steve has been dubbed “Safety Steve” for his watchful eye, although we’re not quite sure he makes us safer. He is an electrical engineer working as a systems engineer designing and building RF direction finding equipment for SAIC Army Intelligence Systems. He has built combat robots since 2008.

Rick Pease

Newest Team Member

Rick was picked up from the pits of Power Wheels Racing and has thrown his hat into the ring to be a part of the Voodoo Pit Crew. Our newest member also has an extensive FIRST Robotics background!


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