Witch Doctor is the 2019 Season Finalist on the TV Show BattleBots.

B Is for BattleBots

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Did you know that Tombstone's weapon bar spins at 250 miles per hour? And did you know that Kraken can crush with more force than the weight of 6 cars?!

Learn more about your favorite robots with the official BattleBots alphabet book, written by Andrea Gellatly of Team Witch Doctor! Caleb Kempson's striking illustrations accompany three reading levels on each page, making "B Is for BattleBots" perfect for fans of all ages. Proceeds benefit the Witch Doctor Jr program, which hosts robotics classes and competitions to turn BattleBots fans into robot builders!


Please allow about 2 weeks for delivery.

Witch Doctor Junior

Build Your Own Robot!

In this video series, I will show you everything you need to know to build and compete your very first small-scale BattleBot. We’ve been teaching these robotics classes at our makerspace for 3+ years, and we’re so excited to finally bring these classes online! These videos are intended for beginners of all ages, including kids and their parents. The first episode has all of the information you need to get started, including my recommendations on which parts and tools to buy.

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Witch Doctor Magazine

Premiere Issue Available Now!

The premiere issue of our new Witch Doctor Magazine is here! Read about our fan-built animatronic skeleton bird by BattleBots fan Ben Ryherd, and the composition of our new theme song by Adam Cole Music. Hear teammate perspectives on standing behind the entrance tunnel before a battle, joining the team as a rookie, our recent efforts to help battle coronavirus, and much more! This issue also includes fan photos, printable activities, and behind the scenes photos!


Build your own robots with us!


HEXBUG Toys Available NOW!


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